The AAU Athletics program offers opportunities for athletes of all ages, in all skill levels to compete in Cross Country, Indoor Track & Field, and Outdoor Track & Field. Events are held throughout the country, including district championships, regional qualifiers, and National Championships.


  • Nationally recognized non-profit organization.
  • Insurance, including general liability and participant accident, is included as a benefit of membership.
  • Low membership fees.
  • Low tournament fees.
  • Freedom and flexibly in conducting programs and hosting events.
  • Multi-sport membership card allows participants to compete in any sport.
  • Non-exclusive organization.  Anyone can join.
  • Easy online registration for membership, insurance certificates, license applications and events.
  • Multi-year membership available – join for 1, 2 or 3 years.



Individual and Multi-Event Age Determination                        

Athletes must have a copy of their birth certificate available for age verification when requested.  The athlete's year of birth shall determine the age division in which he/she will compete for individual events:


                                           AGE GROUPS                               YEAR OF BIRTH

                                           8-Under                                                        2010 & After*

                                           9 years                                                          2009

                                           10 years                                                       2008

                                           11 years                                                       2007

                                           12 years                                                        2006

                                           13 years                                                       2005

                                           14 years                                                       2004

                                           Intermediate/15-16 years                      2002-03

                                           Young/17-18 years                                   2000-01


* No Multi-Event competition for 5-8 Age Groups

**Athletes who are still eighteen (18) years of age through the final day of the AAU Junior Olympic Game (August 4, 2018) will be eligible to compete.